A fort to play with a view of the Torrechiara Castle


Climbing, experimenting with balance in safety, and socializing with other boys and girls, with your gaze turned towards the fascinating fifteenth-century castle. It is possible thanks to the new game in natural materials that has been installed in recent days in the garden of the Torrechiara Cultural Center. A fort of logs and ropes donated by the all-female association Donne di Torrechiara and designed by the Gea Fun Experience company in Pilastro. A playground specially designed for this place, for community use (after-school, oratory, and summer camps), to have fun in the open air and make friends:

"The idea was to enrich the area with a game that was also suitable for older children, elementary and middle school, who attend the cultural center - says Valeria Lugli, president of Donne di Torrechiara - We, therefore, turned to Gea for the project and we thank the Administration for the spaces ».
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