In Valsesia, the Mirtillo Rosso accommodation facility, dedicated to families with children, is equipped with outdoor games for the little ones, with a simple design and integrated with the natural environment.

Il Mirtillo Rosso is a Family Hotel located in Valsesia, at the foot of Monte Rosa. A family hotel, intended to accommodate families with even very young children, must make available to its customer's different types of activities, inside and outside the structure, suitable for different age groups.

The Mirtillo Rosso outdoor play area was set up by GEA with equipment intended for a medium-small age group. The aesthetic choice was to use simple elements that fit harmoniously into the natural environment.



Among the games included, the swing with basket also favors use by children with motor disabilities; for the little ones, a natural gazebo with plant elements has been created, which surrounds the multifunctional castle.

With the choice of natural materials such as locust wood, with a rough and irregular appearance, combined with the necessary metal parts in stainless steel, the games offer high mechanical resistance and durability, adapting perfectly to the clean and elegant architecture of the hotel.


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