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Together with Melissa Pattacini, head of the psychoeducational services of the Centro Psy&App in Parma, after the benefits of the slide, she deepens those given by the oscillatory movement that can be performed in the park, suspended half a meter from the ground, with the freedom to go at the pace that want.

the swing immediately lifts the mood and is useful for the psychophysical development of the child. Rocking on the swing stimulates collaboration, coordination, harmony and synchrony. All psychomotor requirements useful in growth, so much so that researchers have compared the swing to a real school of life as well as being a fun and relaxing pastime.


What types of swing are there?


We asked Matteo Pulli, general manager of Gea Fun Experience, a Langhirano-based company that has been building parks for leisure and sport for the whole family since 1990.

«There are various types: single, double, basket and even triple which include both the seats and the basket. The latter is an ideal solution as it is truly inclusive and unifying: the more children can swing together, the greater the fun! One of this type will be installed in the new inclusive park that is being created in Collecchio (between via Saragat and via Bruxelles). A play area designed to be suitable for the motor and interactive skills of any user: the philosophy espoused by the administration is in fact that of a social project that goes beyond the sole purpose of using the free time of families, to propose a true educational path regardless of age or motor skills ".


Why is it good for girls and boys to get on the swing?

Can it have positive effects even in the long term?

Go back and forth. Push yourself or be pushed. What sensations does it cause?



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