Available in various types of arched portal and passage, with different shapes and sizes.

They are used as accesses to specific areas of the park, to signal their presence, or as passages, located on slopes or on the flat.

They are made of PVC and foam rubber or ventilated, fully customizable with unique front and back graphics, designed to enhance the location in which they are placed.

Some products used to set up the SuperSLOPE

  • Flizzer sled

    Flizzer sled

    The Flizzer Sleds are the union of craftsmanship and innovation. We have been producing the famous sleds in Sulgen since

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  • Snow Bike fun

    Snow Bike fun

    It's not a bike, but it's not a ski either ... if I take the bike and attach the skis? Up

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  • everywhere with Gravity Cart

    everywhere with Gravity Cart

    Gravity Cart is a unique quality product which, thanks to the modular design, inspired by the automotive one, allows easy

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  • Portals and passages

    Portals and passages

    Available in various types of arched portal and passage, with different shapes and sizes. They are used as accesses to

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  • Didactic aids - elements for itineraries

    Didactic aids - elements for itineraries

    Specific line of articles for setting up skiable routes.Ideal for simplifying learning and stimulating the beginner's acquisition of the basic

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  • Grass Bob

    Grass Bob

    Compact, light and easy to handle, it is used on grassy slopes.Simple driving and double safety braking system.The oscillation of

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  • Snow Bob

    Snow Bob

    The bobs are made with first choice plastic sheets, vacuum printed.They are assembled manually: the seat is brought back, the

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  • Trikke Skki Line

    Trikke Skki Line

    A new downhill experience on the snowy winter slopes.No more heavy and rigid boots, no more bindings and at the

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  • Snake Gliss sled

    Snake Gliss sled

    SNAKE-GLISS is an innovative sled, which can be used individually or in groups, according to a unique concept of "Sleigh

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  • Ghosky Line

    Ghosky Line

    Thanks to the revolutionary driving system, this sled can be maneuvered very easily, through the oscillation of the body.The oscillating

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  • fun ride with Yooner

    fun ride with Yooner

    Lightweight and easy to handle, Yooner can be driven very easily.The comfortable shape of the seat and the front support

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  • Summer Snow Tubing

    Summer Snow Tubing

    Artificial slope for snow tubing on synthetic slopes.It reproduces the thrill of snow tubing on snow, thanks to the smoothness

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  • Winter Snow Tubing

    Winter Snow Tubing

    Developed in the United States, it quickly spread to Europe.It is an activity practicable on snow-covered slopes, specially beaten and

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  • easy and gun ride with Minibob

    easy and gun ride with Minibob

    The new dimension of freestyle!Simple guide for a sport-fun within everyone's reach.Suitable for children and adults, this small sled, apparently

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