Various possibilities to climb, to overcome one's limits, individually and in groups.
Pyramids of ropes, rope trees, walls, multi-activity gyms and innovative equipment, to practice climbing safely and to experience climbing at multiple levels of difficulty.
For children and teenagers, different solutions to acquire physical skills and enhance their abilities.

Certifications: materials and equipment are certified according to the quality and safety standards in force

ActivePARK elements - articles for playgrounds

  • Large wooden play facilities

    Large wooden play facilities

    Large facilities, with play and motor activities ideal for different age groups, including older children. With a strong visual impact,

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  • Recycled Plastic Line

    Recycled Plastic Line

    Fun, learning, health and new friends. Each of these points is equally important. Today, society lives immersed in an environment

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  • Berliner Line

    Berliner Line

    With nearly 50 years of experience in the playground equipment industry, combined with our extensive knowledge of rope manufacturing we

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  • Street Workout - Herkules Line

    Street Workout - Herkules Line

    "Street training" of the calisthenics type, based on bodyweight gymnastics exercises.Practiced more outdoors rather than in the gym, it is

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  • Outdoor Gym - Herkules line

    Outdoor Gym - Herkules line

    HERKULES FITNESS MAKES SPORT ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE !! Discover our wide range of outdoor fitness equipment. The different lines available allow

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  • Robinia wood

    Robinia wood

    This line is distinguished by the type of wood used, the black locust. An out of the ordinary material, whose

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  • Baby play systems in wood

    Baby play systems in wood

    The wooden systems of the Baby line are ideal for younger children, in nurseries and n