Playful installations and educational panels on the theme of energy along a path for everyone, also accessible by mountain bike.

A linear playground and at the same time a thematic, playful-recreational walk, aimed at children, teenagers and adults.

The common thread is energy, developed in 20 panels and 7 play installations, which are a pretext to talk about energy produced, energy consumed and the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sun.

The path can be approached in both directions.

All installations have been made with natural and low-impact materials, to better integrate into the natural environment.


In the park they are present

  • Swing (energy produced)
  • Carousel (sun)
  • Castle with passages at high altitude (energy consumed)
  • Tubs and waterfalls (water)
  • Ramps and slides (land)
  • Zip Line (air)
  • Volcano pyramid to climb (fire)
  • But also fences and protections, baskets, tables and benches for a picnic area.


Where is it

La Magdeleine - Chamois (Aosta).


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