A shed for baby fishermen of the Po and fitness equipment for young people and adults


In November 2021 Gea Fun Experience created the inclusive park in Pieve D’Olmi, a town in the province of Cremona located in the center of the Po Valley and bordering the Great River. The project is part of those funded by the Lombardy Region with the aim of achieving the maximum diffusion of structures for the inclusion of children with disabilities.



To characterize the park - bordered by a multicolored fence that enlivens the environment - is the metal game inspired by the fishing huts of the Po, where the little ones can climb along the swinging bridge, look out at the house and then slide down and go climbing to the fishermen's nets. All in complete safety thanks to the anti-shock rubber flooring with a clean and linear design.

The structure of the shed therefore recalls the tradition and the territory surrounding the town, which boasts areas of naturalistic interest such as the Golena del Po Park and the Bosco Ronchetti nature reserve.

A spring toy and an inclusive basket swing, also suitable for children with disabilities, have been included in the play area, which promotes socialization and group fun.



In the adjacent area, children's games are combined with fitness equipment: in fact, a cableway, two underground trampolines and a Calisthenics for training adults have been added, which can also be used by 6 people at the same time. The garden thus becomes usable for all ages and responds to the growing need of more or less young people to practice free body gymnastics outdoors, training various muscle groups.

Materials and equipment are certified according to the quality and safety standards in force.

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