Skyway Monte Bianco, a technological marvel and work of Italian engineering capable of offering an unforgettable travel experience, enriches its attractions at the Pavillon du Mont Fréty station by inaugurating a high-altitude playground: Skyway For Kids.
The new space represents not only a point reserved for children's playful activities, but a place where it is possible to experience the immersive experience of the alpine world, made accessible by the extraordinary panoramic cabins that rotate 360 ​​° and reach the closest point to the top of the mountain. Roof of Europe.

Reachable with the new Skyway Monte Bianco cable car, Skyway For Kids rises at 2173 meters above sea level and looks like a playground where the little ones can have fun while learning, rediscovering the educational value of life in the open air.
For all information on the cable car visit the Skyway website

The structures and playful courses, in fact, are designed to make the moment of the game unforgettable. After experiencing the thrill of reaching the intermediate station of the Pavillon in the most sensational way possible, children will not only let themselves slide down the most classic slides, but will also have the opportunity to confront themselves with the environment of the Mont Fréty promontory, discover some of the main activities of mountain life and thus feel real "little climbers".
They will be able to navigate on the waters of the small lake recreated in the park to maintain continuity with the original landscape, savor the pleasure of the effort of special climbs, walk in the balance on a narrow path suspended 30 cm from the ground or walk the path connecting with the Botanical Garden. Alpine Saussurea.
And again: they will be free to move on the dirt paths that wind like mountain paths between the lawn and the gravel area and will be able to learn how to manage water flows by engaging in the construction of dams.

The Skyway For Kids space is thus transformed into a gym where the little ones can refine their senses, improve their instincts, learn to relate to the world, stimulate their imagination and socialize with their fellow adventures. The playground is part of a truly unique and unusual environmental context. For this reason the play structures have been designed in their design to coexist harmoniously with the landscape: all the games have been made of wood and the predominant colors are natural ones, favoring light and dark shades of brown, to allow a delicate integration, free from excessive color contrasts.

A specialized team of 7 installers carried out: the excavation of the ground, all the naturalistic elements and completed the installation, turnkey.

All the information on the website parkexperience.it

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