We designed and built this evocative castle on behalf of the municipal administration of Limone Piemonte, within a plan for the recovery of the areas used as a playground for children and the replacement of the previous games now outdated from a pedagogical point of view and in very bad state of conservation.

The castle is made up of suspended walkways, passages and paths, attractive elements for children who can socialize and have fun in what also becomes a valuable street furniture.

The structure is in Robinia wood with poles and finishes with a characteristic twisted and natural shape, which perfectly integrates into the naturalistic context of the area, thus satisfying the requests of the local administration for a discreet and pleasant impact.

A specialized team of installers carried out the excavation of the ground (to guarantee safety measures and the installation of anti-falling gravel) and completed the installation, turnkey.

The documentation released complies with the 1176/77 regulation

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